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pecan bowl

dirt, rain, neglect

pecan bowl



new word for me.
related to noēsis >gnosis and noein>knowing
the source of order in nature itself

primu mobile

Sense perception is a source of feelings, impressions, or raw data about things, but it needs to be interpreted in order for there to be converted into real understanding
Reason is a source of new understandings but it is built by putting together and distinguishing other things already understood

the mental step between perception and reasoning? what is it?  how does it happen?

Somehow the human mind sets definitions in a consistent way, because people perceive the same things and can discuss them. So the argument goes, as will be shown below, that people must be born with some innate potential to understand the same things the same ways. And in addition to this it has also been argued that this possibility must require help of a spiritual and divine type.  [or for arguments/fairness sake can be an evolved skill that coincided with awareness.]

something i wanted to note
[ from w i k i p e d i a]


misterie moon

questioned if it needed more stitching.  but oh well…  it’s gonna be what it IS.
pinned backing cloth on.
maybe some moments to stitch it on today.
it’s going to cousin for a bookmark.  she loves to read mystery novels.


this brass bowl is small.  a lot of liquid evaporated.  added more pecan hulls and water.  took this photo morning of the 7th.


pecan hulls

finally getting some THING
into some receptacle
for cloth
[inspired to action by jude’s post]

rippling out

parts of her are stitched down now

[continuing the recording of my thoughts]
the process here has been easy.  fluid.  steady.
not too much wavering or over-thinking going on.
i’ve stitched when i can.
i set it down easily.  and i pick it up easily.
it feels like detachment maybe?
maybe since she was not born with that invisible cast of guilt upon her, that underlying ‘struggle’ is gone.
the birth process.  the incubation phase was done in my inner world.  where my time is given it’s correct value. a moment taken to daydream is a valid moment there.

hmmm…  more to think on.


i tried it.  i did it.  i imagined the process of putting together :contrarian: in my mind.  and i fell asleep in the process.  2 hour nap.  hahahahahha  but i saw the fabrics, the techniques, the stitches.
now i will try to stitch it together as i saw it later on tonight.  hopefully.