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shined on

started stitching again


round n round


i read at jude’s (or grace’s or???) a comment referring to one jude’s classes and choosing your ‘own’ symbol several days ago.
i’d thought of this before, but nothing came of the thought.  until several days ago.
the circle.  but i thought it too simple.  too generic.
then last night i came across a mathematics and science paper on The Circle.  on a news feed.  randomly.

and i’d thought only of negatives.  going round and round in circles.  chasing your tail.  vicious cycle.
but there’s more.
found in nature existing independent of human thought.
in ripples in a pond, the sun and moon, the iris of the eye.

and the circumpunct, according to the scouts, signals the end of the trail.  gone home.

playing keep away

that’s what they appear to be doing.
no sharing.
or beating each over the head with their precious items.
maybe both.

tears from sadness last time.
pain from anger/frustration + sadness this time.
stuff pulling me this way and that.  and back.

maybe a beast momma’s hangin’ in the shadows.
maybe she’s got sumthin’ to see.


how do you stitch from pain?
i’ve forgotten.
or did i ever know?

trying to let something come through.  maybe it’s in the trying.

ahhh the tears transformation pad
or maybe it’s work for a beast.  or two.

rippling out

parts of her are stitched down now

[continuing the recording of my thoughts]
the process here has been easy.  fluid.  steady.
not too much wavering or over-thinking going on.
i’ve stitched when i can.
i set it down easily.  and i pick it up easily.
it feels like detachment maybe?
maybe since she was not born with that invisible cast of guilt upon her, that underlying ‘struggle’ is gone.
the birth process.  the incubation phase was done in my inner world.  where my time is given it’s correct value. a moment taken to daydream is a valid moment there.

hmmm…  more to think on.


[8:45a – 9:32a]  looking for cloth, ripped or cut, partially pinned exactly what i saw imagined
[9:34 – 9:40]  thought maybe she should be standing on some snow…  found white cloth, ripped and pinned
[9:50 – 10:07] photos, chose and downloaded
—  total about an hour or so

hmmm…  this is the first time i’ve ever recorded time spent.  and this was QUICK for me.   wow.  i have to think on this.

it was very enjoyable to just get to it.  i was worried that it was going to be rushing mechanized thing, but it wasn’t.  it was just very calm, straightforward, organized and non-confusing(?).

i need to think and write more here later.


i tried it.  i did it.  i imagined the process of putting together :contrarian: in my mind.  and i fell asleep in the process.  2 hour nap.  hahahahahha  but i saw the fabrics, the techniques, the stitches.
now i will try to stitch it together as i saw it later on tonight.  hopefully.