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the dog house

this is where my g-uncle used to be sent by my g-aunt to when he was feeling a little too ‘SPIRITed’…  hahahahaha

the dog house

that was a very long while ago.
dad’s letting me renovate it for a sewing workshop.  i’m doing the work (his health prevents more), he’s ‘learning’ me on what to do.  little niece and i ripped out and hauled away the drywall yesterday.

last week we cleaned it all out.  it was jam packed with stuff…  boxes, cans, spiders and webs.
today i get up on the roof.


just gone…

in new mexico now.
been here for a minute.
trying to experience everything.
seeing.  being.  letting.

a sudden move it was.
bought the ticket and blam…  i was here.


another chapter


· change of scenery ·

i think i’ll be over here
for awhile…
i still like my little lowtide blog·spot
liking this one too.

feels different