i’m a 40-something year old taurus woman mom grandma aunti daughter who sews.

i go by twhich…  twhich aye…  michele.

i sense the world through colors, scents, feelings – tactile and emotion, nature.  i was diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome (an autism spectrum disorder) when i was around 11 or 12.  i have a hard time expressing/deciphering emotion and sensing time.  sewing has helped me with that.  it has been a window to inner worlds and self-knowledge not easily accessible.  a visible tactile record of the journey.

sometimes it takes me a looong time to comment.  that is just me making sure i ‘get’ any hidden meanings or implications.  i also have problems with that.

i didn’t divulge my asperger’s/autism on my other blog.  it’s an awkward thing to introduce.  i grew up with a mother who did not believe in these things.  so it’s not in the front of mind when interacting in the ‘real’ world, i’ve learned (i think?) to compensate.  but i see in this virtual world, i think it makes a difference for me.  i’ve haven’t done a good job adjusting for the differences.  at least inwardly.  blogging has been a little stressful because of this.  and i don’t think it should be.  maybe disclosing this will ease something for me.

besides all of that…  i’m an AVID fan of old sci-fi, dystopian lit, cyberpunk, og star trek, firefly/serenity and The Doctor.  and i used to be an Information Technology Systems Analyst for a major casino.

and i’m the head misfit of the BIG hearts…


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