seaming to

more dreams of cloth.
deep denim indigo.  a scrap attached to two white scraps of tablecloth linen.
making the shape of enlongated triangle with a concave (convex?) bottom.
the white embroidered with simple outlines of a random pattern of black eyes and black pyramids.
the denim with gold pyramids.
matching a cloth picture of the pyramid in front of the louvre.  or at least in the dream i think it does.


3 responses to “seaming to

  1. Pyramids in the center of eyes…Mmmm…
    Pyramid shaped iris…
    and outlined in gold…
    dreamy 🙂

  2. [*note]
    Although some believe that the word ‘louvre’ may refer to the structure’s status as the largest in late 12th century Paris (from the French L’Œuvre, masterpiece) – or to its location in a forest (from the French rouvre, oak) – one finds in the authoritative Larousse that it derives from an association with wolf hunting den (via Latin: lupus, lower Empire: lupara)

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