spent the weekend in roswell.
drove there twice.  spent too much time in the goodwill the first day.  store we needed to get to closed before we could get to it.


found this book at goodwill.  the author sounded familiar so i opened to a random page.
said “Navajo horses always shy away from new things.”
or something similar.
i bought it.


4 responses to “storytelling

  1. and didn’t i go and order me a used copy of this book just now. sounded so good, i just couldn’t pass it up.

  2. grace Forrest~Maestas

    Twhich!!!!!!!!i didn’t realize you could do the blog from there…i
    guess that’s what i get for assuming….anyway….YaHOO!

    what happened with the pecans?????????????????


    • hahahahaha! yup! i’ve been trying to write some words here… 🙂
      the pecans… i forgot about them! hahahhahaha i went out yesterday evening and all water is gone and the cloth is laying there in a brown slime. i think i’ll let it sit for a bit, just to see what’s gonna happen. i’m going to try it again, but on the stove, since it’s cooled off here.
      i need to take a photo to record it.

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