holding sky

~inspired by jude’s wizard bag.~

i had some thing’s to write about it yesterday
but today, they are gone.

i haven’t carried a handbag for some years now, since all my bags and shoes accidentally were thrown away during a move.
i think i am barely recovering from the horror of it.

so this will be my first true handbag in over 4 years or so.
will be replacing my black jansport from time to time.

i  did my best not to copy, but i’m afraid i didn’t do too good a job in that area.  everything i love about wizard bag design, i had/have to include…  which is pretty much everything.

started on winter solstice 2010.


10 responses to “holding sky

  1. What a wonderful bag it is!! Love it …. and : Jude inspires us all !

  2. hi els! thank you 🙂
    she inspires in so many ways…

  3. hey, look at that!

  4. oh I love that so much…a beautiful interpretation of Jude x

  5. Love this bag of blues!

  6. thank you nancy! love blue…

  7. How beautiful! Nothing quite as wonderful as a gorgeous handmade handbag.

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