round n round


i read at jude’s (or grace’s or???) a comment referring to one jude’s classes and choosing your ‘own’ symbol several days ago.
i’d thought of this before, but nothing came of the thought.  until several days ago.
the circle.  but i thought it too simple.  too generic.
then last night i came across a mathematics and science paper on The Circle.  on a news feed.  randomly.

and i’d thought only of negatives.  going round and round in circles.  chasing your tail.  vicious cycle.
but there’s more.
found in nature existing independent of human thought.
in ripples in a pond, the sun and moon, the iris of the eye.

and the circumpunct, according to the scouts, signals the end of the trail.  gone home.


4 responses to “round n round

  1. grace Forrest~Maestas

    twhich…been so much going on that i missed checking
    here and look…you’ve been sitting here with tired feet and thoughts.
    that uroboros in your header….
    so glad you’re home here……….
    oh, love to you, to All of Us……….

    • i know… life is so busy. i just appreciate seeing your words grace.
      yeah, i’m tired. but… who knows what’s coming around the bend eh?
      something good, i hope.
      some moments are good.
      some are almost unbearable. (they feel UNBEARABLE, not almost, but i know that’s not true because i bear?ed them)
      all of em’ just are.

      and sending that Love back out to you and everyone…

  2. Came to you via Grace. Nice to meet you! I love that symbol and it’s meaning. Feels so right. I too have been thinking of my own symbol, but it seems that so many are so frequently used that they become cliche. Well that is how I see it. I am off to explore your blog! Your banner is so inviting, so beautiful…can’t wait for more discoveries here!

    • nice to meet you too Nancy! thank you for coming 🙂
      yes i felt the same way, about cliches. i think that’s why it’s taken me so long to accept this one.
      but i love circles, i cannot deny. and if others love them too, lovely. that seems to be good thing seen in that light.
      so circles, movement, momentum… they seem to be saying something. i suspect i’ll find out more as i go along.

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