Monthly Archives: June 2011

holding sky

~inspired by jude’s wizard bag.~

i had some thing’s to write about it yesterday
but today, they are gone.

i haven’t carried a handbag for some years now, since all my bags and shoes accidentally were thrown away during a move.
i think i am barely recovering from the horror of it.

so this will be my first true handbag in over 4 years or so.
will be replacing my black jansport from time to time.

i  did my best not to copy, but i’m afraid i didn’t do too good a job in that area.  everything i love about wizard bag design, i had/have to include…  which is pretty much everything.

started on winter solstice 2010.


round n round


i read at jude’s (or grace’s or???) a comment referring to one jude’s classes and choosing your ‘own’ symbol several days ago.
i’d thought of this before, but nothing came of the thought.  until several days ago.
the circle.  but i thought it too simple.  too generic.
then last night i came across a mathematics and science paper on The Circle.  on a news feed.  randomly.

and i’d thought only of negatives.  going round and round in circles.  chasing your tail.  vicious cycle.
but there’s more.
found in nature existing independent of human thought.
in ripples in a pond, the sun and moon, the iris of the eye.

and the circumpunct, according to the scouts, signals the end of the trail.  gone home.

playing keep away

that’s what they appear to be doing.
no sharing.
or beating each over the head with their precious items.
maybe both.

tears from sadness last time.
pain from anger/frustration + sadness this time.
stuff pulling me this way and that.  and back.

maybe a beast momma’s hangin’ in the shadows.
maybe she’s got sumthin’ to see.


how do you stitch from pain?
i’ve forgotten.
or did i ever know?

trying to let something come through.  maybe it’s in the trying.

ahhh the tears transformation pad
or maybe it’s work for a beast.  or two.

worn out

and thrown away.

a morning sitting tired.  wondering what the hell happened over the past three months.
taken the morning after my last day at work (about 2weeks ago now) before a (i thought — complicated story)  short summer break.
i think my feet are swollen and maybe that’s why i focused on them.   i can’t remember.
i wonder if life is really trickier now than when i was young or maybe i was just oblivious to it?