knock, knock

“down the rabbit hole”

these photos are so dark.  it’s just dark here.  maybe if the sun comes out i will try again tomorrow.
she shifted.  morphed.

stands still
still going slow and steady.
[knock, knock Neo]


6 responses to “knock, knock

  1. grace Forrest~Maestas

    maybe she is “many”. i like this a LOT.

  2. she’s wonderful. walking along with her staff.

  3. and we will be in the year of the rabbit before too long! a nicer energy than the tiger… i love your walking rabbit… i thought it was a walking staff too!

    • ohhh you are right! i saw that it was going to be year of the rabbit… i will add this fact to the cloth’s mythos. 🙂

      sorry it took me so long to approve this comment. some crazy’s been going on and i don’t have internet access right now.

      much love to you nance

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