over the past several days, i’ve been exposed to words that have shifted my perception.
been reading so many blogs that have so much in their new year’s posts (and comments!).
SLOWing down…
being in the NOW…
journeys tracks time…
round back to HOME…
i’ve seen these concepts before of course, but hearing them now in this leg of the journey seems to be the key.
the reality of there being this one moment has re-penetrated.
the importance of that being all there is.  and that each moment takes care of itself.

moments seem to be important to me right now.  sneaking moments here and there.  and investigating why the perception of ‘sneaking’ is.   this too has had a light shone on it through the BOOK grace has given me.
feeling that at any moment i may not be free to have this last holdout of me.  stitching.  a remnant of an image of my handmade life.  thoughts of a life made by my own hands.  of my own fashioning.
that at every moment, there’s a boogey man lurking just behind my shoulder waiting to take it all away.  again.
but in THIS moment he is not here.  i am sitting here on this computer typing FREE.  free to type to stitch to read.  and those moments are REAL, not fleeting, as my perceptions would have me believe.

and the last words i just read were :the word moment is rooted in the Latin word momentum:
moment –> momentum –> movement
moment is not a holding on to for dear life thing.  it is an enjoying it for what it is thing.  a thing that can propel me into the next one.  and into the next…
i think this will be my thought beginning this new year/block of time…


8 responses to “shift

  1. Oh this is wonderful! A word full of potential….

  2. grace Forrest~Maestas

    Twhich…you are a FINE traveling companion. wise to leave
    markers on the path

  3. this is a beautiful post.

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