rippling out

parts of her are stitched down now

[continuing the recording of my thoughts]
the process here has been easy.  fluid.  steady.
not too much wavering or over-thinking going on.
i’ve stitched when i can.
i set it down easily.  and i pick it up easily.
it feels like detachment maybe?
maybe since she was not born with that invisible cast of guilt upon her, that underlying ‘struggle’ is gone.
the birth process.  the incubation phase was done in my inner world.  where my time is given it’s correct value. a moment taken to daydream is a valid moment there.

hmmm…  more to think on.


14 responses to “rippling out

  1. He, now she’s holding onto something …. still curious
    (wool sometimes get a kind of (Jude suggested silicon) finish, so it will NOT felt f.i. when you are washing your socks or sweater! That’s very good …. unless you WANT to use that felting possibility of wool : to do some felting : create a bag …or shawl …with it. It still can be used in needle felting or with an “Embellisher”, but that’s not something I do a lot. I’m more of the warm water, the soap and the rubbing …. ;-} !)

    • hahaha yup she keeps shapeshifting els… 🙂
      thank you so much for explaining that to me. i’m allergic to wool so i never let myself learn too much about it… i didn’t want to WANT to try it, knowing that i can’t. hahahhaha
      much love!

  2. grace Forrest~Maestas

    yes. we are thinking the same thoughts of Moment

  3. grace Forrest~Maestas

    interesting, just as i wrote the last, it flashed on me that WE are not necessarily telling a story with the cloth, but the CLOTH is telling US the story???

    • grace, wondering that same thing! so many conscious choices of cloth, placement… and i couldn’t tell you what i’m doing them for at the time. ONLY until after i’m done, i start to see a deep thought unfolding… and didn’t even know i had the thought! bubbling somewhere under the surface.
      and the cloth and what i’m working on or doing in my life meet-up in a final realization of what is REALLY going on. MESSAGES from the deep.
      conscious clueless-ness… sleeping awake.

    • grace..well sometimes i think stories are out there lying in wait for the teller a virus..we don’t catch them, they catch us

  4. hey, hi, i like it here.. and the thought catching, and the cloths
    and i like where and how her right arm? wing? is touching..hugging
    may this be a happy year!

    • oooh i missed this comment… thanks for coming manya!
      she keeps changing on me… maybe one arm on guard, the other hugging…
      yes i hope it will be! i know it’s already started off interesting at least! hahahahhaha
      much love 🙂

  5. grace Forrest~Maestas

    Manya,yes…stories are just always There…waiting patiently. i think so.
    the word “valid”…….

  6. i’m finding being a little detached to be a good thing. the less intense i feel the more easily i finish something. maybe it’s about being balanced and open and letting it come but not over taking.

    passion wanes….at least for me.
    it’s about being steady.

    • it has really been an enjoyable experience. i’ve learned so much. about cloth and about myself. just from this one cloth.
      i’m thinking each work that comes along is lesson, if we can see it that way…
      and the word ‘sober’ sticks in my mind after seeing it on one of jude’s posts…

  7. grace Forrest~Maestas


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