[8:45a – 9:32a]  looking for cloth, ripped or cut, partially pinned exactly what i saw imagined
[9:34 – 9:40]  thought maybe she should be standing on some snow…  found white cloth, ripped and pinned
[9:50 – 10:07] photos, chose and downloaded
—  total about an hour or so

hmmm…  this is the first time i’ve ever recorded time spent.  and this was QUICK for me.   wow.  i have to think on this.

it was very enjoyable to just get to it.  i was worried that it was going to be rushing mechanized thing, but it wasn’t.  it was just very calm, straightforward, organized and non-confusing(?).

i need to think and write more here later.


10 responses to “pinned

  1. grace Forrest~Maestas

    LOVE this post.

    • this recording has really opened my eyes!
      right now i’m thinking about my perceptions concerning creating.
      about being spontaneous…
      and what that means to me.

  2. Oooooh : … a hugging person!!
    I’m very curious how you will continue on the chequered face ….

    • hahaha i had in my mind that i wanted to put a sheer something over it, so the checks could show through, but i don’t have anything like that.
      so… i think i might have another idea that might work.
      i’m going to try it out here in a few.
      thanks els!

  3. love hearing and seeing how this came together. also love the way you twisted that blue checkered fabric.

  4. do more of this. it heals.

  5. Marvellous. Welcome to your new home here.

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