i tried it.  i did it.  i imagined the process of putting together :contrarian: in my mind.  and i fell asleep in the process.  2 hour nap.  hahahahahha  but i saw the fabrics, the techniques, the stitches.
now i will try to stitch it together as i saw it later on tonight.  hopefully.


4 responses to “visuals

  1. Hi Michele, (happy new year) have to change your address into the new one in my list 😉
    LOVE the eyes in your header (very “Judy” eyes!!)
    I knów that one of : “seeing” what you are going to stitch the next morning
    , when you should be slééping in your bed …. ! (Although with you it was a day-time nap)

    • hi els! i was worried about everything having to be changed… but change happens eh?
      hahahahhaha actually i fell asleep on the floor in the closet! long story… but it’s been my quiet place. it felt similar to when i used to meditate. i used to fall asleep then too! hahahhahaha
      much love!

  2. Can’t wait to see how this contrarian woman develops! I really like it…

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