first day

shadows.  [light/dark]

[lack of space for stitching area and solitude/a solution.]
pre-stitching with pen and paper?
mentally stitching a cloth together.   not just a simple idea sketch, but doing as much as i can do before pulling out the cloth and thread.
i will try.

a holdout in the darkness


8 responses to “first day

  1. sketching ideas has never worked for me but i continue to try putting my ideas down on paper. wishing you a creative new year.

    • yeah right now i am only able to use them to catch a idea before i forget about it. but i really desire to find a solution to my time problem. most of my time stitching is gazing into the cloth(s) thinking. if only i could just get right to it…

      and happy new year to you deanna! oh and thank you for coming over!

  2. grace Forrest~Maestas

    oh YIPES and EEEEEEEEEEE and etc.
    i will have to really reply to this in the morning. i am fried.
    but LOOK what you have DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    eVERYTHING is in place, orderly, together…..
    WOW and i will be here first thing tomorrow!!!!!!!!

    • hahahahaha i just saw you’re moving too??? mmm is it the new year AIR??? i’m still figuring this place out, but i said what the heck and decided to go with it and correct the mistakes as i go.
      yay for going with it!
      hope you were able to stay warm last night…
      mucho love!

  3. grace Forrest~Maestas

    i remember, “back in the day” when visualizing things was viewed
    as “new and woowoo”…reading something that talked about how
    the olympic athletes train in Russia. a HUGE percentage of the
    training time was spent Visualizing in comparison to the actual
    physical training.
    maybe like this, what you are thinking of doing here?
    i like the idea a lot and will be interested to hearing how it works
    for you….would enjoy hearing you talk about it as it goes.

    • oh yes… i remember a PBS special with alan alda on this subject. that’s right. i hadn’t thought of that. i used to do this when i was running track and playing basketball too. hmmm…
      it feels that way to me too… hard to explain how, but i can feel something underneath.
      i will add more posts as i go on. the nieces went back to school today, so… what did i do? sleep. hahahhahahahaha they’d been running me ragged on holiday vacation. so i just couldn’t resist the quiet and the blankets. haven’t gotten to putting :the contrary: together, but all the steps are still here. i will try tonight.

  4. grace Forrest~Maestas

    i think it’s maybe learning to love the steps.
    just a step is a place gotten to?

    • yes i’ve noticed i don’t feel this lingering underlayer of frustration.
      i don’t know if i didn’t love that step, but there was something about it.
      i think a little bit of guilt
      that i should be doing something else.
      and in the BOOK i read about
      feast after famine
      this fear that there’s not enough time
      and i’m frittering it away…

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