· change of scenery ·

i think i’ll be over here
for awhile…
i still like my little lowtide blog·spot
liking this one too.

feels different


6 responses to “anew

  1. Found you! Wishing you well in your new blog home this new year

  2. grace Forrest~Maestas

    yes. it feels different. the typepad feels very different to me…
    like lots more space or something which is and isn’t , uhhhh
    well, familiar.
    but here, I just couldn’t breathe for a minute at the Eyes at the
    top…oh oh oh how i love that!

    • yes it just felt right. i don’t know where the thought came from to come here, but… i’m happy it came!
      and your typepad… lovely. it does feel AIR-y over there. open and the big photo, so good to be able to see everything even better before we click. and your REPLY function!!! yay!!!

  3. yeah this is nice. i really like wordpress because of its openness.

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