pecan bowl

dirt, rain, neglect

pecan bowl

seaming to

more dreams of cloth.
deep denim indigo.  a scrap attached to two white scraps of tablecloth linen.
making the shape of enlongated triangle with a concave (convex?) bottom.
the white embroidered with simple outlines of a random pattern of black eyes and black pyramids.
the denim with gold pyramids.
matching a cloth picture of the pyramid in front of the louvre.  or at least in the dream i think it does.


[words i wrote on the 20th and forgot to publish.  the deep red was the color of the un-faded side of grace’s rug.]

some words that won’t let me forget them.
:a stitch a day:
one stitch.
i’m run ragged these past several months.  but feeling good.  accomplishing some things.  some things that have been on the plate since childhood.  accomplishing seems like the wrong word, but it’s right.
every moment becomes filled with some thing that pops up right before it arrives.  cooking cleaning washing caring for…
i’ve been stitching in my dreams.  weaving and piecing cloth in there…  deep red and indigo blues.
the only solos i can escape to do, have to be outside activities where i can become :hidden:
watering tending digging mixing…
the compost was done enough on sunday.  we mixed it with the sandy soil we dug up.  it smells rich.  just can’t get enough of the smell.


spent the weekend in roswell.
drove there twice.  spent too much time in the goodwill the first day.  store we needed to get to closed before we could get to it.


found this book at goodwill.  the author sounded familiar so i opened to a random page.
said “Navajo horses always shy away from new things.”
or something similar.
i bought it.


new word for me.
related to noēsis >gnosis and noein>knowing
the source of order in nature itself

primu mobile

Sense perception is a source of feelings, impressions, or raw data about things, but it needs to be interpreted in order for there to be converted into real understanding
Reason is a source of new understandings but it is built by putting together and distinguishing other things already understood

the mental step between perception and reasoning? what is it?  how does it happen?

Somehow the human mind sets definitions in a consistent way, because people perceive the same things and can discuss them. So the argument goes, as will be shown below, that people must be born with some innate potential to understand the same things the same ways. And in addition to this it has also been argued that this possibility must require help of a spiritual and divine type.  [or for arguments/fairness sake can be an evolved skill that coincided with awareness.]

something i wanted to note
[ from w i k i p e d i a]